The Foaling by Showdances Showtime Turbolina!! 2008

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April 23, 2008. Jubilee is in the kitchen starting to go into labor and this is what Turbolina is looking like! Yes, we took off her fly mask, spread the straw and came up to the house to watch the cameras and Jubilee.


The milk strips have changed in 10 seconds so I am thinking we will get to meet baby in the morning hours. The inside color of her vulva has started to deepen in color.


The lips of her vulva have a tinge of red goo on them like the bloody show may have occurred earlier and we missed it.

He arrived at 7:10 AM on April 24, 2008. This was exactly 338 days into Turbolina's pregnancy!

Click here to see a video of the birth

Painted Sun's Country Boy gains his legs! Watch him take his first steps.

Here is Cowboy as a weanling. He still has that big hip! Click here to read and see more videos of Cowboy.

Here is Cowboy as a 1 yr old


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