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I am so delighted with my hubby's whelping box and hoped we could help someone else out by putting the design on the website. I like it because it comes apart and has no bottom. This means I can really disinfect it between litters and change out what I put it on. I have various swatches of thick carpeting for the floor that I can take out and clean while I lay down a fresh piece under the box. Here are the plans...

Whelping box size 48" x 45"

Materials needed : 1- 4 x8 plywood that is 1/2" thick

                             2 - 2 x4 that is 8' long

                             1 quart latex exterior primer

                             1 quart latex exterior paint

Cut:  2 - 48 x 16 (A)

        2 - 45 x 16 (B)

        2 - 2 x 4's that are 42 3/4 long

        2 - 2 x 4's that are 32 3/4 long

Click here for pictures of the box.

Now, click here for a rough diagram.