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Molly and Magnum Litter

All pups are reserved, but full siblings being offered now.

DOB 10/17/15


Meet Magnum, the sire. He is a strong,  athletic, happy go lucky boy who impresses one with his size and gentleness.  I like Magnum so much that I tried to buy a brother to him from his breeder in CA.

 Cozy Acres Hez a Sure Firin' Magnum    SR79263508

Molly Boy 1

Winston!. He weighs 98 lbs and is very lean. He did have his hips and eyes tested...PRA free, excellent prelim OFA, clear elbows and cannot be effected by EIC or CNM

Click here to see Winston all grown up!

Molly Girl  2

Reserved by Wade and Cindi.

"Hello Beth, Koda adds much love and joy to our lives. She has a very gentle demeanor and of course she is growing like a weed! She is almost 45 pounds (5 months) and went to rattlesnake avoidance last week. When we pull out the leash, she is raring to go"

Molly Boy 3

Reserved by Titus

The picture below was taken when "Dakota" was 6 months old.  Kota was one of the smaller pups and he matured at 87 pounds.


Molly Boy 4

 This boy is going home to be spoiled by Debi.


Molly Girl 5



Lives with Nichole! Big girl....weighs about 85 pounds at 2 years old

Molly Girl 6

Hi Beth,
We are so in love with our amazing puppy.  She is doing great and has the best demeanor.  She loves our kids and is playful but gentle with our 5 year old.  She is sleeping in a kennel at night right by my side of the bed and only gets me up when she has to go outside.  We took her to the vet on Saturday and they said she is a healthy and happy little girl (who is going to grow up to probably be a big girl!)
After a lot of back and forth about names we decided on Scout. 
Have a great week!

Here she is at 85 pounds, 2 years old and thinking she is a person!

Goldie  Boy 1




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All of our puppies are sold on a Limited AKC Registration

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