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I AM Ranch Miniature Horses


We reserve the right to refuse a sale on any of our horses  --  Prices and availability are subject to change without notice. Prices may increase as training progresses or as a horse matures......

In this day where photographers photoshop and change conformational flaws in horses, I can guarantee that we will never change a horse in our photos. I have videos of almost all the horses also to help buyers see them accurately.

All horses are sold with no Guarantees unless otherwise stated on a sales contract. All monies paid are non refundable.

Click on each horse's name to see more pictures, videos and pedigree!!


I AM Infernally Grateful

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 AMHR            DOB 5/17/18

Will mature under 34" easily

Buckeye WCF Grande Inferno x Merrie Ribbons Wild Allegations

This delicate filly captures attention with her beautiful face and big doe eyes.  Her sire won 2017 National Champion Country Pleasure Driving titles and a Reserve Champion title in Roadster. Her dam was sired by a stallion who won both a Grand Single pleasure title and a Grand Halter Champion title at the same show. We are guesstimating that she will mature around 33.5" tall. AMHR registry. Confident that she could hardship into AMHA. She is very leggy, refined and should have good motion from both sides of her bloodline.



I AM  Infernally Justified


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Buckeye WCF Grande Inferno  x  Westwind Farms Derby Day by Revenge

 AMHR                 DOB 6/22/18

See video here!

So, so pretty that visitors mistake him for a filly, He has one blue eye! Look at his parents and see what a genetic gold mine this boy is. He could halter or drive!


I AM a Masterpiece in Motion

For sale


AMHA      AMHR     DOB  3/10/16

Bar NS Hpypnaughtique Moon  x  Westwind Farms Derby Day by Revenge

Video of his driving progress here

Super easy to get along with that you don't even know he is a stallion. Lovely to work with. Eager, but not hyper.

I AM Ranch Training Fees

We do take a limited number of horses in for training and/or boarding.  The video to the right is just one example of how a horse can change as they progress in training.

All the time, we are questioned as to how one gets their horse to move fancy and trot big.....First off,  the horse has to be athletic with conformation that allows them to trot big.

Secondly, training is huge too.  If a horse does not learn how to carry their weight properly, they will not move in the cart like you see them move in the pasture. This takes time. It is much like  training a dressage horse and can take years to develop a good carriage where the horse is soft and using his whole body.

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Horses listed for sale are subject to removal or price change at anytime. Horses are sold "as is" and are represented to the best of my ability. Please feel free to have a vet check at your expense. Deposits are non refundable and sales are final. Horses are held by deposit only. Horses gain a "pending status" only after a deposit is received. If a horse is sold and living here while waiting for transport, the horse's liability belongs to the new buyer. We no longer own the horse, we are essentially a boarding facility at that point.


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