Predictor Strips!


Here at I AM Ranch, our goal is to provide you with an easy to use, inexpensive tool that will help you pinpoint your mare's foaling date.

Order Foal Time Strips!!

I love these strips because they are:
  • Simple to use and gives instant results
  • No more measuring milk, mixing with water
  • Only one micro drop of milk necessary
  • Made in the USA!!

All you have to do is take a micro drop of fluid from your mare's udder, put it on the strip, and you have results instantly! Click here to read the instructions on how to use this kit.

Foal Time strips combines traditional foal-watch methods with an innovative, instant chemical test that gets you results with just a micro-drop of udder fluid.

We've put together a Data Collection Chart to help you document your mare's progression. There are so many signs and factors that go into determining when your mare is ready to foal. These Foal-Time strips are definitely a helpful tool, but are in no way a substitute for watching your mare carefully and paying attention to all the other signs she will give you.  Click here to read about signs of foaling.

When you order a kit from us, it includes 15 test strips (which can easily be cut in half or quarters to stretch your supply), the color chart (to compare your test strip to), and a printed copy of our Data Collection Chart. You will want to print out a chart for each pregnant mare and file it for reference for future years.

Ready to buy?

Select your quantity from the drop-down box below. If you live outside of the USA, the price will go up $2.00 to cover shipping costs.

We offer this kit as a means for helping mare managers with the often tricky task of predicting foaling times in order to ensure that mares get prompt and adequate care in this delicate and critical time. While we are confident in our productís  reliability when it is used correctly with other accepted methods for determining foaling time, we encourage and recommend consultation with a licensed veterinarian when dealing with the health of any horse.

Wishing you a safe and successful delivery and a healthy, beautiful foal!

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