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Meet the Men of I AM Ranch!!!


Whispering Pines Kings Attraction





AMHR, ASPC       DOB  2015      37.75"



I AM The Only One


2018 Reserve National Champion Pleasure Driving!

AMHR       DOB  4/11/14      34"

 DCF Big and Rich  Candylands Secret Treasure

Click here to se Tigger's first Nationals

Click here to see him showing with another IAMRanch horse 2019!


I AM a Masterpiece in Motion


For sale

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AMHA      AMHR     DOB  3/10/16

Bar NS Hpypnaughtique Moon  x  Westwind Farms Derby Day by Revenge

He has the genes of champions! This is a very calm and eager stallion!

Video of his driving progress here

 I AM Infernally Exotic


Buckeye WCF Grande Inferno  x  LDS Secreat Dandylion

 AMHR                 DOB  6/22/18


Reference Stallions



Buckeye WCF Grande Inferno

Lelands Royal Grande    x   Buckeye WCF Satin Image of Darkness 



Inferno is owned by Hidden Hickories Farm. Julie Ward's eye for horses is one to be respected. She knew when she sent Inferno to us that she had a winner! At the 2017 AMHR Nationals, Inferno won 2 National Champion titles in Country Pleasure driving and a Reserve National Champion title in Roadster. He had only been driving 7 months and was able to achieve this!!!

He is a one in a million stallion. He went by many names while he lived with us. Mom called him Clifford because he is as lovable as the big red dog. Jess called him "Red, " but we all adored him.



Raptures Risen King


AMHA        AMHR      34"

Owned by Becky Fink

Dancer deluxe! This leggy boy has often been called Spiderman by our family for he can look like he is all legs when he is in motion.  Sweet and huggable in personality, King and Becky are blessing us with our 2017 foal crop!

Click here to see a video of King!

Two Time 2017 Reserve National Champion Roadster Winner!!!!


Bar NS Hpynaughtique Moon

2014 World Champion in 3 Year Old Single Pleasure

2015 unanimous GRAND Single Pleasure Driving at W. Regionals!

Owned by Becky Horat

New training video about developing a stop and Mojo is the star!!!


Reference Stallion

AMHA    AMHR    32"

NFC Dandys Moon Man   x   Bar NS Cause for Applause

defined as

1. an amulet, charm or magic spell

2. the art of casting magic spells

3. uncanny personal power of influence

When Kim Sweatt suggested that MoJo live at our home and breed some mares,  it was one of those ideas that you are scared to count on.  It seemed too good to be true. But, here we are now appreciating our 4 yearlings from this boy!



Rivenburghs Let's Roll SE




2015 Reserve National Champion  Country Pleasure Stallion!

AMHA        AMHR      33"

Beamer's beauty and movement testifies to Nancy Rivenburgh's vision of creating a miniature that is perfect in form and in function. In Beamer, she combined Rhotens Little Dandy Lines with the leggy Arenosa horses, and produced a magnificent miniature. 

 Click here to see his just how incredible his babies are!!


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