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Miniature Horse Driving!!!


Videos from AMHR Nationals 2019 and 2020

Videos from AMHR Nationals 2015:

Videos from AMHA Worlds 2013:

Videos from AMHR Nationals 2011

2020 Training Fees

Training Ideas with Videos

What do I look for in a driving prospect?

What are the different driving divisions? Single vs Country Pleasure vs Western Pleasure vs Roadster

Which are my favorite driving bloodlines?

Historical videos of the Miniature Horse!

Touch of Class 2010 Videos:

Parade videos (Christmas parades, Patriotic parades!)

An easy homemade traviois used for training to drive (Video)

The use of the chifney bit in a bitting rig

The parts of a single harness (by Lori Rafter)

Abbreviations and Terms associated with Miniature Horse Driving

Can Miniature Horses be driven on pavement?

Sitting position in the cart is important to your Miniature!

List of books/online tutorials on learning how to drive.

What "Size" is my Mini? What size cart? (Cart Balance) What size bit? What size Harness?

Miniature Horse Obstacles and Jumps-how to make a set

Need shade on your cart? Here is an idea

Sample of our liability release form

Watch some beautiful single pleasure movement as Blueberry Muffin is shown at an auction. (video)

Watch a Single Pleasure class at Touch of Class 2009 (video)

Penalties for driving your mini in Dressage, in Cones, in a VSE or in a Marathon

Trick or Treat, so others can eat (video)

Watch Wee Wees Double Magic Lady pony her 2008 baby Faith for the first time

Miniature Horse Breeding and Babies:

When will my mare foal?   (Foaling calculator, average gestation times)

Miniature Horse Foaling Videos - page of many videos of miniature horse births

Miniature Horse Foaling/Nursery Journal of 2021 (Lass, Sprinkles, Mysty)

Miniature Horse Foaling/Nursery Journal of 2020 (Lass, Derby, Sprinkles, Elle, Dandy, Arwen)

Miniature Horse Foaling/Nursery Journal of 2019 (Missy, Mysty, Monet)

Miniature Horse Foaling/Nursery Journal of 2018 (Allie, Sprinkles, Dandy, Derby)

Miniature Horse Foaling/Nursery Journal of 2017 (Sprinkles, Lassie and Missy)

Miniature Horse Foaling/Nursery Journal of 2016  (thoughts @ rhino shot) (Sprinkles, Missy, Lassie, Derby, Tango)

Miniature Horse Foaling/Nursery Journal of 2015 (Treasure, Derby and Platinum)

Miniature Horse Foaling/Nursery Journal of 2014 (Sam, Cameo)

Miniature Horse Foaling/Nursery Journal of 2013

     December 2013 Foaling by Vermilyea Farms Dandys Rhythm

     March 2013 Foaling by McCarthy's Cameo (Gentry)

Miniature Horse Foaling/Nursery Journal of 2012

    February 2012 Foaling by La Vista Justine   (Jack)

     April 2012 Foaling by Versatility Farms SomethingAboutMary (Thunder)and Pearl of Classic View  (Sprinkles)

     May 2012 Foaling by Candylands Secret Treasure  (Ruger)

Miniature Horse Foaling/Nursery Journal of 2011

    October 2011 Foaling by  McCarthy's Cameo  (Lassie)

     March/April 2011 Foaling by Crystals Easter Lily

Miniature Horse Foaling/Nursery Journal of 2010

   January 2010 Foaling by Wee Wees Double Magic Lady (Red Bag Baby!)

     February 2010 Foaling by Crystals Easter Lily

     March 2010 Foaling by Tibbs Morning Star

   May 2010 The mystery of our LK  mare!

Miniature Horse Foaling/Nursery Journal of 2009 

   May 2009 Foaling by Little Kings Dream Doll

    June 2009 Foaling by Orion Light Vant Huttensest daughter (dystocia)

Miniature Horse Foaling/Nursery Journal of 2008!!!!!

   February 2008 Includes our pre-foaling preparations

    March 2008  Foaling by Lucky Four Real Doll

    April 2008 Includes the birth by Magic, Lily, Morning and.....(Read about 2 mares foaling the same night!)

    May 2008 Includes the birth by Jewel (Dystocia)

Signs of Foaling

Foaling Kit - be prepared for your new baby!

List of what to do 30 days before foaling.

Our Foaling Barn (foal buzzers, monitor information, barn set up)

List of what to do Post-Foaling

Red Bag Delivery!

Miniature Mare Foaling Problems/Dystocia

Miniature fetuses at varying stages (69 days of gestation, 4.5 months and 268 days)

Predicting the Mature Height of Your Foal

A list of very good articles about Equine Reproduction


Using Milk Test Strips as Foaling Predictors

Possible Entropin of the Newborn's eye

Miniature Mare Breast Pump

Orphan Foal Automatic Nurser!

Is breeding closely related horses always a bad idea?

Watch a video of an ultrasound

Watch a baby kicking inside of momma's belly. This mare is named Magic.

Miniature Horse Wool For Sale. (video)



Horse and Barn Care:

Cherry Hill's Horse Information Roundup - Amazing compilation of articles on care and training

Feeding the Miniature Horse

Worming your Miniature Horse

How do I calculate my miniature's weight?

Our personal vaccination schedule

How to whiten tails-lifting stains

Miniature Horse Medical Kit

Ulcers in the Miniature horse

Miniature Horse Dentistry (video of dentist floating teeth on this page) (aging a horse by their teeth chart)

Be sure to check out this brand new book from our favorite miniature horse dentist - Carl Mitz! Development of Dentition in Small Equine and Related Cases

Miniature Horse Farrier  (watch our imaginative farrier play miniature "hoofball!!")

Farriering for the Miniature Horse By Lori Rafter

Do dogs ever attack minis???

A cart rack that goes on the back of the trailer...do Horse Trailers come in mini, too?

If my horse's weight is good, does he need to see a Dentist? Dental Surgery videos.

Fly Control in our Barn

Homemade Fly Spray Recipe/Holistic Fly and Mosquito Repellent/fungal treatment

Can Miniature Horses be driven on pavement?

Summer heat - Can a Miniature Horse Survive a Phx summer?

Careful of Blister Beetles in Hay

Clipper Sharpening and Repair in Arizona

Sheath Cleaning

Click here to see a guide for poisonous plants to look for in the pasture.

How can you wash your mini on a cold day? (video)

Razoring the face of a miniature horse (by Laura Tennill)

Possible Entropin of the Newborn's eye

General Information:

Miniature Horse Shows here in Arizona 2012

Horse Show Check List

Need to contact a miniature horse transporter?? Click here

International exporting of miniature horses.

Costs of Owning A Miniature Horse (compared to a big horse)

So, just what does one do with a Miniature Horse???

Fun Mini Facts

Do Miniature Horses make good family pets?

Can I keep my Miniature with my big horse?

Miniature Horse Clubs/Registries

Do Donkeys come in Miniature, too?

Click here to meet the Arizonans who represented our state so well at the 2008 Nationals!!

Watch a video showing why our big gelding calls "Angel" his "Demon" (Lead mare behavior)


Horse Color!

That Frame Overo Gene in Miniature Horses

The Cream Gene

Coat Color Calculator for Horses!

Genetic testing/DNA testing

Common Color Codes for Miniature Horses

The Roan Gene

The Silver Bay Mini...

Optical Illusion page!!!


Reference Horses Articles:


Historical Miniature Horse Stallions

Historical Miniature Horse Dams

Bond Dynamo

Bond Galahads Legacy

ERLs Rebels Just Cause

Flying W Farms Little Blue Boy

Gold Melody Boy, "Modern Day Gold Rush"

Grosshill Dandys Special Edition

Grosshills Night Rhythm

Johnston's Vanilla

Komokos Teenie Jeanie

Martin Boozers Daring Difference

NFCS Dandys Moon Man

Orion Light Vant Huttenest

Rhotens Little Dandy



And, some cow videos too. Our Jessie rides the cow. This is What Our Cowgirl Does!

Our Big Horses



Video Index

Click here for Favorite Links!


 All I pay my psychiatrist is the cost of feed and hay, and he'll listen to me any day.  ~Author Unknown

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