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Rivenburghs Lets Roll SE

FOR  SALE...inquire for price

AMHA   A133446                AMHR  225486 A

25% Shetland

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James 1:17.......Regarding him as a gift from  above, we praise Him who created this stallion and thank Nancy Rivenburgh for her vision as a breeder  and for trusting us with her very special "Beamer!"

2015 Reserve National Champion in Country Pleasure Stallion!

 AMHR National Top Five Halter Stallion!!

Champion Country Pleasure  Driving  Stallion 2014 Touch of Class.

6 out of 32 in Versatility at 2013 AMHR Nationals



 Not all miniature stallions produce consistently, but  Beamer consistently produces great movers.  Nancy Rivenburgh told me how he was capable of stamping his movement on his babies. Looks like she was right.

Click here to meet his babies!



For 2 years, I searched for our herd sire. I talked to many of the breeders across the US as they sent me videos and pictures and endured my endless emails. There are many very nice people involved with the Miniature Horse industry across our nation. They love sharing the history, their passion and their vision.  It was not just movement I was after, but a body type too.  I loved his shoulder and his short back!

Nancy Rivenburgh was one of those breeders. I kept hounding her due to the magnificent animals that I saw with her name on them. I LOVE Rivenburghs Lets Roll Muchacho and kept asking Nancy to send me one just like him. When she offered me Muchacho's sire, both of us were shocked. Of course, I said yes.  She cried the entire day he left...she was giving up her beloved boy, but knew he would be cherished by us.


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Training video using Beam! Click here to see some softening exercises.




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