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*2018  Fee Schedule for I AM Ranch

(effective for horses taken in after March 2017)

I Am Ranch Training Center will place each horse in the class best suited for that particular horse on that particular day, according to the horses ability and the judging placement. I Am Ranch will determine which horse(s) to show back in the Grand and/or Stakes classes according to which horse(s) we believe has the best opportunity to win on that particular day. This holds true for all shows.


Board (this includes hay, turnout, and worming) (Supplements charged separately)  (Owners supply vet care, hoof and dental care)

      Monthly per mini  -   $175  (may be pro rated for partial month) (includes worming)

      Monthly per Shetland  -  $225

      Per Day  -   $ 7 mare,    $8.00 per day- mare and foal    

Full Time Performance Training (Average 5 x per week)    $350  plus board.

 Training will be done by a member of the Dales Family. (Horse owner needs to  supply, fly mask , blanket, neck wrap, slinkie,  bell boots if applicable) We can discuss whether or not I would like you to bring a bridle and bit/harness. That has varied per horse.

  Includes an optional one lesson per week. These lessons only apply while your horse is here in training. If you skip your lesson, you lose it.  Lessons can only start once your horse is safe enough and broke enough for  your level of driving.

Lessons - Hourly rate  -  $50 with your own horse.  


    All horses must be bathed just prior to clipping or there is a $10 fee for the bath.

    Body Clipping  -  $50

    Body clip with “facial”  -  $75 for horses in training and $100 for horses not in training

    Show prep for a rated show  -  $50 per day shown per horse (includes all the makeup to make your horse shine!)

Farrier  $30 per horse

Hauling  -   .45 per mile FIRM

Cart and/or harness rental $25.00 per show (If any damage occurs, renter will pay for repairs)

Sellers/Agent Fee  -  A 15% commission, based on the actual sales price will be charged to the owner of any horse sold.

Handling Fee  $10 for clients and $25 for non-clients

AMHR Nationals Show : $1,750  for  the first horse, and $1,500 for each additional horse (includes tack stalls, hotel for trainer, feed, tack, grooming, handling,  mileage). Client will be asked to pay  AMHR fees, each horse's individual stall, any veterinary fees, and for shavings. This fee will be charged up front, when entries are due.  All show fees need to be paid before we depart for the show.

Any balance unpaid for more than 30 (thirty) days shall also be charges interest at the rate of 15% (percent) monthly


Photography by A True Focus Photography

Farm Shoot $100 per horse - This includes a shoot at any location you choose. You will get a CD with 10-15 final edited images with full printing

 rights. If the location is more than 15 miles from I AM Ranch, there is a .45/mile gas fee.


*I AM Ranch retains the right to adjust this fee schedule per owner as specified in boarding/training contract.



 All I pay my psychiatrist is the cost of feed and hay, and he'll listen to me any day.  ~Author Unknown