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Molly and Magnum Litter

DOB 4/26/16

Both the sire and dam have EXCELLENT and GOOD ratings  from  OFAs on their  hips and clear elbows. The sire is a beautiful and very large  blend of English and American lines.  EIC and CNM testing assures me that these puppies cannot be affected. They should mature into beautiful and healthy pups!!

Meet Magnum, the sire. He is a strong,  athletic, happy go lucky boy who impresses one with his size and gentleness.  I like Magnum so much that I tried to buy a brother to him from his breeder in CA.

 Cozy Acres Hez a Sure Firin' Magnum    SR79263508

Enjoy the puppy pictures and dream of smelling puppy breath!

Below is a family picture from their previous litter.  Who would not want Chocolate on their front door steps?!?!?


Molly Boy 1

Handsome "Jackson Brown" is reserved by Patti!


Below, you can see how he respects "no jumping on the couch" rule!


Molly  Boy2

Diesel is reserved by Shannon!

Below, he is relaxing after his bath!

Molly Boy 3

This little bear, Kodi, is reserved by Doug and Perry!


Molly Girl  4

Thelma lives in CO with Matt and Melanie.



Molly Girl 5

Ben was very excited to take this sweet girl to CO!



Molly Girl 6

"Crosby" is reserved by Steve and Jessica


Molly Girl 7

"Mya" was tested in the most interesting way and is on her way to being a service dog!!! She will have a best friend in Brennon.


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All of our puppies are sold on a Limited AKC Registration

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