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Annie and Tank Litter

Born on April 5, 2017                                All puppies are reserved

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We are accepting $500 deposits to reserve a pup from this litter. The deposits are not refundable. (but they can be transferred to a new litter if a family emergency arises). We allow families to pick which pup is theirs in the order that I receive the deposits.  This picking process usually starts at about 4 to 5 weeks of age. Accepting deposits now.  These pups will be ready to go home around late May 24 to May 31, 2017.

Both the sire and dam have had their hips and elbows tested. Annie was tested via PennHip and Tank via the standard OFA procedure. We guarantee our puppies.  Both Annie and Tank are EIC and CNM tested so that we are 100% sure that we are not producing affected pups. These are neurological diseases that are becoming very common in Labrador Retrievers. Click here to read about health concerns in Labradors.  We also complete PRA testing on the eyes of our parent dogs to be able to guarantee lack of eye problems.  Dewclaws and vaccinations are taken care of up until their departure date. See the chart at the bottom of each nursery page.  Each pup is sent home, microchipped and with a health record.

Meet the parents below!


Meet Annie by clicking here (pictured at right)

CLICK HERE to meet Annie's  2016 litter (full siblings to the current 2017 litter)

Click here to see how tolerant Annie is of this miniature colt!  I LOVE the sweet nature bred into our Labradors!    

And,  meet Tank, the sire. This very mellow boy is a  blend of English and American lines.  He is one of the quietest labs I have met, and is a cherished family dog.  He is a mellow, loving big boy with an incredible temperament and a history of producing very nice pups that make good family companions, weekend hunters and therapy dogs.  Tank weighs about 90 lbs and is one of the sweetest males I know.



And, now for the puppy pictures!!!

Annie Boy 1

Click here to see fun video of breakfast at the milk bar!

"Denver" is going to live in CO! Trevor came to us to find a pup because his best friend owns another IAMRanch pup!

Annie Boy 2

This lucky boy is going to a home where there is uncle, "Marley." Marley was a Dandy son, and this puppy's mother is a Dandy daughter! I love when previous puppy buyers return, for I can rest easy knowing that the pup is getting a great home!  Video link


Annie Boy 3

This boy stole the heart of a 9 year old. Reserved by Tony and family!

 Video Link


Annie Boy 4

This darling boy is on his way to be a service dog! He has a face that captivates and huge eyes! Nanette fell in love with him, and I pray he serves her well!

Video Link




Annie Boy 5

This boy has stolen the title of Mr. Mellow! Quiet boy, but not timid with the other boys. he got to go live with a pointer and dream of hunting! Thank you, Christa!

Video Link    




Annie Boy 6   " aka Mr Confident!"

Well, he didn't act confident when his new family came to pick him out, but he won the hearts of two horse girls from Cave Creek!

Video link



Annie Girl 7

"Hannah" is reserved by Craig! Craig and his family own another IAMRanch puppy!


Click here to read more about the vision we have for our Labs and about the parents.

Amber  had pups on April 12, 2017! Boys available

Clem had pups on April 20, 2017! Pups available

All of our puppies are sold on a Limited AKC Registration

 Instructions for the "nesting" Puppy Families!!

Our pups are being weaned onto Life's  Abundance Dog food. Please order your bag prior to your puppy coming home. They are on Large Breed Puppy Food. With a Lab pup, you will need at least a 17.5 pound bag. Puppy tummies are very sensitive and you must keep your pup on this food for at least a month to keep them from getting loose stools.  Click on "Auto ship" to get the discounted price. You can cancel after that first bag if you want to change foods, but you will want to do this slowly and by mixing the new food with Life's Abundance. Please read through the website and you will see why we switched. It has no corn, no wheat, no gluten and there are probiotics, a high protein content, and omega 3 fatty acids. Our guarantee  requires the feeding of this food for at least the first year.

We also ask you to order your NuVet now so you also can keep your puppy healthy. This is a supplement that boosts the immune system. Click Here  to order NuVet Plus or call 800.474.7044 and use code #30125.  This supplement is necessary for your guarantee to be valid.

These pups got their first shots on 5/18/2017. They will need their booster shots  on June 8th and on June 29th.  We just do three shots in a series, but some vets recommend 4. Please talk to your vet. Remember that your puppy's immune system is not strong until your puppy is 16 weeks old. Thus, I recommend washing shoes that enter your home and keeping your pup home or ONLY around healthy dogs until Juy 26th.  Do not take your pup to pet stores or dog parks, and be very careful at the vet's office about what they contact.

Your puppy will come microchipped, but I will be asking you to transfer (register) it into your name at my home when you pick up your puppy. This critical detail has often gone overlooked. You will need to bring a credit card to do this.


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