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Dandy and Magnum Litter

DOB 10/12/13

Dad weighs 100- 105 lbs and Mom weighs 85-90 lbs. Some of these pups will have dark noses and dark eyes, and some will have green eyes and the nose of a Chocolate.

Click here to meet the mother, Dandy. She is the 4th generation of our dogs. Dandy has had one other litter.  Click here to meet one of those pups.

And, meet the sire, Magnum!! He is the grandson of Champion Dr. Pepper and he stole our hearts the minute we met him!


Dandy Boy 1

Reserved by Brent


Dandy Boy 2

Reserved by Dave and Julie



Dandy Boy 3

Marley is reserved by Ken


Dandy had a pup named Annie! Annie had a pup we called Annie Boy 3 in 2017. The Hurt family returned to take him home as a brother to Marley!"

"Thanks Beth.  Last night he slept all night…wow!!!  It’s been so good for us to have a dog in the house again.  What a great puppy, great temperament, great personality.  You certainly bred a top quality dog. Thank you for the picture…love it!  Ken"

Dandy Boy 4

Thor is reserved by Misty and Brian!

Dandy Boy 5

Reserved by Nicole


Dandy Girl 6



Dandy Girl 7

Reserved by Meg


Dandy Girl 8

Reserved by Lynn


Dandy Girl 9

Susie is reserved by Rosemary



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