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I AM His Intelligent Design

Woodland Acres Bi Dandy Fire Design    x     McCarthys Cameo

AMHA         AMHR          DOB  3/31/2013

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 I love Gentry's  passion for life. I know that this will turn into a passionate bold driver. He is so well balanced that walking on his 2 back legs is no problem. Love this boy! I do have him hooked to the cart as of October of 2015. He has been hooked about 6 times and no problems that worry me greatly! We will continue to drive and train which might affect his price.

I have not been able to keep my camera off of him, so below are lots of videos:

https://youtu.be/VCjOeyo6byE  You can see Gentry in this video at 4:12 to 5 minute mark

New!! This is a driving video that shows how quickly he is progressing in cart!!


As of December 2015, Gentry is learning how to pull a cart!!! He is VERY GREEN, but I can take him safely around the neighborhood. He is quickly learning to carry himself.



Click here to see him trotting

Click here to see his birth.

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