The Foaling of Lily and Magic, April 4, 2008

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Wee Wees Double Magic Lady is a fantastic mare. She is definitely a favorite and treasured girl bringing joy to all of us and especially to my oldest daughter.

It is the morning of April 2 and the milk is in enough to test. The four squares change in 45 seconds. That tells us we are 24-48 hours away from having another baby. Magic spends the day grazing alongside Dolly and her new baby in the sunshine. In the afternoon, she is bathed and loved on. I see Lisa holding Magic's belly and praying.

Jessie and Lu (our Foreign exchange student) are so excited , they sleep on my floor below the monitoring TVs. Yet, no baby comes tonight!

April 3rd and we awaken to wax on her teats! Even though we see some outward changes, I tend to trust the calcium levels in the milk most of all. The strips are down to changing in 20 seconds by this morning.

At 1:15PM. the strips are changing in 4 seconds. We are having baby very, very soon. I am off to hook up the trailer!

This mare is a favorite of ours and belongs to my oldest daughter. May the Lord deliver this one safely and keep momma safe!!

April 4, 2008

It is 8:12 AM, and I just came up from cleaning up the barn. I couldn't stop myself from singing the song by Rich Mullins, "Surely God is with us", the entire time. Both Magic and Lily foaled!!
A crowd had gathered at our home knowing that Magic's milk test strips were saying that she was ready to foal. The monitoring TVs are in my bedroom, so that was the place to be. Magic's camera was rotating between 3 stalls with a 5 second pause on each stall. Because we knew Magic would foal within the next few hours, one neighbor suggested that I freeze the camera on Magic's stall. Sounded like a good idea....she was laying down and getting up, laying down and getting up, etc. In one of the other stalls was Dolly and her cute boy and in the other stall was Lily. Lily was eating peacefully, and besides, she still had not expressed any milk from her tight bag.
My bedroom has never had 16 people in it all the same time. Whew!!! We needed an excuse to stop staring at the TVs.


Making cookies in the kitchen sounded like a good idea, so 6 of us were off for a late night snack. Lu (foreign exchange student) was in charge of the Oatmeal Chocolate Chip cookies and the rest of us sat at the table talking. The minutes were clicking by slowly, so Jessie and her friend ran down to the barn to collect milk for another Magic milk test. The cookie dough was being stirred!!! Yum. All of a sudden, through the night and up from the barn, came the loudest scream I have heard in a long time.

Meet Painted Sun's Once In A Blue Moon, aka Luna

Forget the cookies and we all RAN to the barn. Jessie's mouth hung open as she stood over a baby in LILY's stall. The baby's back legs were still in the sack and momma was standing there wondering what all the fuss was about. The sack was open, baby was fine, and momma had even expelled the placenta.

Just that day, a few of us had debated whether we liked pintos with more white or if a pinto with more dark color was desirable. I declared I liked more white. Lily (MY mare) must've heard me, for her baby was white!!!  My oldest prefers more dark on her pintos. (Magic is her horse).

Lily's filly is all white, black head, white tipped nose, her tail starts white at the top and ends up black at the bottom. There is one small black flank spot. I think this pattern is called Morrocan...but don't hold me to it. There is a white Crescent Moon shape on her forehead. She quickly earned the name "Painted Sun's Once In A Blue Moon!" and we will call her "Luna." Her breeding is FWF Little Blue Boy, Buckeroo and Aeronosa.

And, our ring test was accurate on this baby :)

Click here to see this baby attempting to stand for the first time!

While we were still shaking our heads, thanking our Lord and celebrating Lily's birth, Lisa presents Magic's poop to me over the railing. Looked like cow pie! Oops, we'd better get the Betadine on the umbilicus and head out of the barn, so Magic can relax. Trekking up to the home, the excitement was obvious! Oh, and those cookies?? They finally just made it into the oven.

Bzzzzz, went the timer on the cookies, but all was interrupted by Jessie appearing with "Magic is pushing!" Lu cracked me up when she opened the oven door and with a flustered face said, "I don't what to do?!?!" My retort....was, "FORGET the cookies!!" All 16 of us stealthily snuck down to the barn again. Yes! We are able to capture Magic's entire delivery on camera.

God painted my mare's baby just the right color for me with more white and He painted Lisa's mare's baby just the right color for her with more dark color. Magic had a beautiful black and white filly! The ring was wrong!

Click here to watch a video of the  birth.

Magic's baby presented correctly at first, but then the second foreleg did not progress as quickly as the first one. It was getting hung up. We interfered right away, and put that leg back on track, and the birth progressed quickly and perfectly!

Some treasured moments occurred when 5 of the spectators told us that they had never seen a baby born before. The other treasured moment was when all of us held hands and Lisa thanked our Lord for the safe delivery!

Click here to see a video of the baby running at one day old! She is absolutely adorable!

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