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Crystals Easter Lily

AMHA and AMHR           DOB 4/1/2002            33"

Sold and here is an update from her new owner "

I took Lilly to the Scurry northwest of Prescott and had a terrific time.  The setting and facilities were great.  Some didn't come perhaps because of the wind but I put a baggy shirt on I had and forgot all about it.  Everyone was super friendly and kind.  Lilly made me look like I really knew what I was doing and did the 360 turn in a small holahoop perfectly.  I had never done it before.  She is nicely trained.  This was our first time away from my place and she I think enjoyed seeing and meeting more of her own kind.  She also had plenty of energy from all the grain and made the best time on the trail.  Whoopee!  Jeanne


Click here for her pedigree filled with Buckeroo and Arenosa breeding. Lily is the mare that mom drives in parades and for relaxation around our neighborhood. She is powerful and eager to work. Her foal with Rivenburghs Lets Roll SE is one to look forward to. Click here to see him and click here to see his other babies. 

We sold Lily confirmed in foal to Beamer and sure enough, a beautiful filly was born! Can't wait to see her trot!!!


These 2 photos were taken AFTER she has had 4 foals!  March 2012. Amazing how she gets back her figure!


Lily is a blue-eyed medicine hat buckskin pinto. We started driving our minis in 2007 and Lily was one of the first that learned. These older videos are fun to watch, for we didn't try and collect our horses when we first started, but just drove them. As you teach a mini collection, their movement is enhanced and as you can see by the picture above, Lily has learned how to carry herself in a cart.   Watch her at 6 months pulling a cart. She flies.  This is a long movie, but shows how she is coming along. Thank you Randy Thompson Ministries for the music.



The below driving photos were taken April 2012, and I also added some pictures of other fun things we have done with Lily!  You can also watch most of our parades, and see Lily driving in them. Click here to see her in the Fiesta Bowl Parade.  Click here to see her at Gold Rush Days Parade. Here she is in a Memorial Day parade. She leads the way in this big Christmas Light Parade! And, this is just a small sampling of some of our parades. She even allowed a small rider to take her over jumps a few years back!

Lily is not only wonderful to drive, but has produced some nice babies!

2011 Filly is owned by us. I AM the Rose of Sharon The sire was a son of NFCS Dandys Moon Man.
2010 Colt is going to live near to us!! We are excited to see him grow up and think he may make it to the show ring! I think he will be named "I AM a Blue Eyed Celtic Dream." The sire was Chance of Gold's Don Juan.
2008 Filly is owned by Phil Trundy of Maine. She is named "Luna," which is "moon" in Spanish...see the crescent moon on her forehead?!?!?
2006 Filly was bred by Susan Gaddy. She is named Buckeroo Blue


Crystals Easter Lily


Desert Shadows White Lightening, 31"

Full brother to Flabys Champagne N Roses, winner in Roadster and Single Pleasure Driving and has accumulated 99 show points

(palomino paint, blue eyes with eyeliner ) 

Stiehls Apache Splash, 31.75"


Brewers Orion Pride


Orion Light Vant Huttenest
Orchard Bird Vant Huttenest
Flabys Apache Maiden

Boones Little Prince


Arrowbrook Victoria

Flabys Platinum Lady, 33.75"  palomino


Winks Zacchaeus Ace of Spades VB
Winks Rejoice

Flabys Gallopin Hannah

Kewpies El Monterry of Arenosa

ASPC/AMHR stallion was NEVER DEFEATED in Model or In Hand 

Nancy W

Dam of Flabys Supreme, Producer of 2 Nat'l Champion Titles and 2 Nat'l Champion Reserve Titles

Pistol Blue Bucker,

  33 (Bay)

Thank you to Lori Walters for the above picture

SPR Captain Midnight, 34",black

Trained by Bruce Novak to drive and took first at TOC in many driving classes, died by Oleander poisoning 

Timercrests Little Razz-Ma-Tazz Boones Little Jay Cee
Grandpas Irish Mist
Boones Little Belle, bred by Lowell Boone and owned by Sparkle Plenty Ranch, one blue eye Boones Little Blue Streak
Dell Teras Top Notch
SPRS Sheeza Little Bucker, 32" red roan

 Little Kings Little Bucker, 29.5"


Boones Little Buckeroo


Komokos Miss Black Molo
Little Kings Sheena Supreme, (red roan pinto)

Komokos Little King Supreme, 27.5" (blue roan)

Komokos Almost

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