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Click here to read how this little girl snuck into our barn!

Click here to see her standing for the first time.

Click here to watch her celebrating her first week birthday in our front yard!

Click here to see her dam. (Buckeroo and Flabys bloodlines)

Click here to see her sire. (Bloodlines of Flying W Farms Little Blue Boy, Ashbys Kid Dyno Mite )

See the half moon (the luna) on her face?

Here she is wearing her new Leopard Print Jacket!

Luna has been handled by children (and adults) on a daily basis. We really love our babies and spend a ton of time with them. She has been body clipped at least 4 times and her feet have been regularly trimmed.

At a very young age, we halter broke her. She has been a fast learner and shows the traits that make her mother so special to me.

Already looking at Luna, you can see a strength that convinces one she will be a good driving horse. Her legs are very correct, as is her bite.

Luna at one years old!


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