Ultra Mycall Jacksum

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Ultra Mycall Jacksum, affectionately called Mikey, is an adorable black pinto carrying the Blue Boy and Bond Showboy lines! This little guy is a true showoff!!! We did own his only baby who is Ravenwood Blue Boy Dreamin.

Mikey's foals that were born here are:

Painted Suns Golden Slipper

Painted Suns Once in a Blue Moon

Painted Suns Worship His Majesty

Painted Suns You Gotta Have Faith

Painted Suns Country Boy


The beginning of this next video is hysterical. I took it the first day that Mikey was turned out with the Iron Horse in our yard. He, like a million other horses, mistook the Iron Horse for a live mare and decided to court her! Our Funniest Video!! Click here to see a video of Mikey. I have been told that horses can't tell if something is 2 dimensional or not.We have his pedigree listed below. If you click on the horses in blue, a picture of that horse will come up for you to see. Knowing the background of our horses intrigues us!

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